Support Management

Danielle has spent two years as the Support Team Lead for an international website hosting company. After being asked to move into this role, she quickly found ways to improve the company, the morale for the employees, and create a path for them to progress their careers as well. Some examples are: Creating KPI’s, Initiating semi-annual reviews with steps to reach a raise for annual reviews, weekly 1:1’s, and updates to the company handbook/creating a Support Handbook.



Danielle spent a full year working in support (starting from the ground up!) at an international website hosting company before being asked to become the team lead. During this time, she handled 20+ support calls, 10+ live-chats, and over 40 tickets every day. She then moved to work at an international marketing company as a support member, a non-profit focused WordPress plugin company as a support member, and the Director of Marketing Software for a non-profit focused marketing company.


Specialty Projects

Danielle has handled multiple “Specialty Projects” for companies over the years. The largest one – was a company acquisition with 50+ clients and over 200 websites. She handled everything from flying out to meet the largest clients, planning out the entire acquisition process with her team, and migrating content herself as well. She had a 100% retention rate. The most interesting project was a legal dispute between a business owner and the company he contracted to create his Joomla! website. She had to construct a team to perform a test/report document on every bit of functionality both parties had. She had to remain impartial and deliver the report to the lawyer overviewing the case. The business owner became a client, and the development company became an outsourcing partner.

Event Management

Danielle had helped plan the attendance at over 10 industry-level events. Throughout all of these events, she helped create the blasts on social media, come up with the giveaways, the marketing plan to engage attendees, and work the booth. It was expected of her to handle herself and mingle with top stakeholders at competing companies/potential clients throughout the course of these events. She has also helped pick out unique events to attend (ensuring we were the only company who did what we did there, to help ensure engagement) and plan out the attendance with the organizers.